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The first station – Ostrich Farm.
You will be greeted by our friendly Ostriches. These largest bird species can’t fly but they are record holder for the fastest running bird. They can run up to 43 miles per hour for short period. If that is not impressive enough, they also lay the largest egg. Experience the true Farm scenery here by witnessing friendship of the Saanen goat, cow and a pony.

The second station – Turtle & Tortoise Farm.
Step into our ‘longevity village’ which houses a wide range of rare and exotic tortoises and turtles. On top of that, grab the chance to feed our very own giant tortoises being the second and third largest species in the world. Here, you can also get close to our rarest line of land tortoises such as the Star Tortoises from India which bring good luck and charm to business and family, the majestic beauty of the Radiated Tortoise, the special Leopard tortoise, Red-footed Tortoises and many others.
In additions, meet our ‘Dinosaur Turtle’, one of the heaviest freshwater turtles in the world – Alligator Snapping Turtle and also the famous swimmer – Pig-nosed Turtle.
This is definitely a true learning experience like nowhere else.

The third station – Reptiles Cavern.
Walk through the uniquely designed cave like enclosure which houses the longest species of python, the smallest species of crocodile, Monitor Lizard and also the Mangrove Snakes. Be really alert when you enter our Reptile’s cavern as they are everywhere. Remember to watch to your left and right, sometimes even above you as well.

The fourth station – Passion Fruits Garden.
Walk through the nature’s ‘umbrella’ while watching around for our leopard cat enclosure.

The fifth station – Free-flight Bird Aviary.
When you enter the Bird Aviary, be ready to be surrounded by birds of various species, sizes and colors. Get really close and get to enjoy nature’s musical orchestra made by our feathered friends. Always be ready with your camera as, if you are lucky, you will get a chance to snap the beautiful peacock showing off by spreading its tail.

The sixth station – Savannah.
Once you enter Savannah, be prepared to be greeted by our friendly goat from Switzerland. However, he won’t be the only friend there. Get really close to our Javan deer, the largest species of ‘Rusa’. Here you can grab a chance to get close to our cute Alpaca and one of the smallest species of kangaroo, Dusky Wallaby.

The seventh station – Vegetables and Fruits Farm.
Along the flight of stairs, lies down our Vegetables and Fruits Farm which houses more than 100 types of tropical fruit trees and plants. It is designed in a way to resemble Malaysian Village farm and orchard. At the end, you will find our specially built Traditional well to refresh yourself. This will definitely brings back memories for those who stayed in ‘Kampung’ before. Do not worry about being disturbed as we have our lifelike Scarecrows to guard the whole area.

The eighth station – Kampung Kiosk.
Here, based on a replica of a Malaysian Village house, we will show you how the geography, climate, availability of materials, tradition and culture influenced the traditional Malaysian house and their lifestyle during the 70’s and 80’s. Forget your worries while you rest at our kiosk in a kampung ambiance surrounded by greeneries and live stocks.

The ninth station – Pet Village.
Cute and cuddly rabbits and Guinea Pigs surrounding you is definitely an experience not to be missed. You are encourage to interact and pet these animals. On top of that, you can get to feed them with fresh vegetables and watch them nibble it off them.

The tenth station – Longkang Fishing.
The traditional all time Malaysian children activity of dredging for fish in the drain “Longkang” is created again. Relieve the experience here in Farm In The City. It is sure a fun sight to watch parents and children working together in the effort to catch our fast swimming fishes.

The eleventh station – Fish Feeding.
Summon thousands of Koi fish by ringing a bell, then gently sprinkled some feed for them to enjoy the fun. Do not be surprised that even our lovely Mute Swan and their friends; ducks and geese would want to join in the feast too.

The twelfth station – Jungle Walk.
Just as the name suggests, walk through the ‘real’ jungle which houses the world’s largest and heaviest African rodents – Crested Porcupine, the cute petite Kirk Dik Dik, the naughty and cheeky Common Marmoset, the rare species of white peacock and the friendly Himalayan Striped Squirrel. Also, look out for the Green & Red Iguana hiding within the tree branches.

The thirteenth station – Twilight Creatures
Discover the largest rodent in the world and some nocturnal living species around such as slow loris and owl.

The fourteenth station – Mood’s lake
A large ripping lake of clear water which is home to FITC’s population of 25 species of ducks and geese which includes Mandarin Ducks, Emperor Geese, Canada Geese, Cape Shelducks, Ruddy Shelducks, Common Shelducks, Caroline Shelducks and many more. Look out for our Black and White Swan ‘dancing’ gracefully along the lake.

The fifteenth station – Exhibition Hall.
Get to know our Golden Python, the clever Raccoon, the sleepy skunk, the active Prairie Dog and others. On top of that, you can also witness the process of incubating eggs here at our nursery.

The sixteenth station – Kampung Mahmood.
Make your trip here enjoyable and educational by the performance of our macaws and other intelligent ‘friends’. They are here to entertain as well as to pass the message to conserve nature for future generations.

The seventeenth station – Horse stable.
Does your child dream of being a Cowboy in the old Wild West? Well, make it a reality here at Farm In The City with our Pony Ride specially for children.

The eighteenth station – Pelican Quay.
How close have you been near to a Pelican when they are having their meal? Well, in Farm In The City, you can get the closest possible to this large water birds.

The nineteenth station – Desert House.
Small but agile Sahara inhabitant, the Fennec Fox with enormous ears which is definitely a treat to those who love taking pictures. Watch them leap at unbelievable height to get the ‘prey’. Also, you can take a closer look to our active The Lion King main star, Timon the meerkat.
It is not over, here at the exit, we have the smallest breed of horse, Falabella. Due to its size, they are also known as “Ferrari” in the animal’s world. Feel free to take some memorable pictures with this lovable ‘friends’.

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