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Reviews from Facebook

“We spent a day and great choice as a short trip during weekend. A totally family bonding time and children can experience feeding and petting animals. Staffs are cheerful and friendly. Kids love ‘Longkang Fishing’ the most as live in city never been enjoyed before! Easy walkways and truly blending with nature and animals with no strings attached! Thank you Farm In The City!”
– Gem Anne Soo

“The thing tat i’m most appreciate is there are lot of water pipes to keep a very gud hygience to the visitors. And there are also explanation board for every animals & plants. A great journey tat not only my kids…d parent did learnt a lots as well! Great idea, great place….keep it on! Cheers..”
– Edris Ng

“Me n my kids, even my mom also like this place so much! It was great experience. And i highly recommend my friends to spend time with family at such wonderful place.”
– Kelly Lam

“I can touch the animals without restriction and giving them food too.so it is a whole lot different experience.the staff are nice and i hope to come again”
– Nadhirah Adi

“tempat yg terbaik utk bwk ank2… .ank2 suka sgt dpt sentuh dan bagi makanan pada haiwan disana.. dapat ambil gambar kenangan dgn haiwan secara dekat disana… mmg nmpk keriangan dan keseronokan diwajah ank2.. serta keseronokan juga pada kami ibu dan bapa.. thanks Farm in the city.. mmg terbaeekkkk……”
– Ina Hamid

“I think its a very good place to bring kids. Its like bring them back to the nature. My nephew was so excited feeding the animals.. for once, he dont ask for his gadgets.”
-Shakila Ali

Reviews from Tripadvisor

“You can feed many animals at this popular zoo with various habitats and there is souvenir shop to buy things for remembrance. Nice place to visit during school holidays”
– mohanasakthy

“Unique place and thoroughly enjoyable for children and adults alike. Lots of different animals and interactive stations. Animals are well cared for and some even breeding.”
– Yap H

“We found this place on internet and attracted by the great reviews. We did not disappointed. We all have great time here, kids got to touch small animals and to feed them, such a great experience and fun for all ages. Staff are very friendly. Although tickets are not cheap but it is well worth it.”
– Catherine R

“Excellent and Honestly worth the drive. My kids are 7 and 5 and they can’t wait to go back. They loved touching the various animals and I must say the staff here is wonderful. They were interacting with the kids and telling them about the animals and they even had an activity making a turtle and earning badges. I can recommend this to everyone, but do get there early parking is quite limited.”
– Merinda B

“If you have lost contact with nature, then this is the place to be. This place will make you feel young at heart again and I am sure you will behave like a child. The level of excitement cannot be explained in words when you touch the animals and feed them. This is one place everyone should visit when you travel to Malaysia. Kids will love the place as the learn and play at the same time. You can wait to see the smile on kids face when they feed, interact and cuddle with animals. This place is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for ALL.”
-Daksh Dawar

“In today’s world of artificial materials and concrete made-off building, finding a place like Farm in the City is like finding a rare oasis in the dessert. Our vacation in KL consist of exploring different places with kids activities and this was one of the favorite. Our kids are growing up in the buzzing city life surrounded by traffic and rush, concrete and no animals running freely at all. Hence, this place was perfect to let them loose and interact with animals: feed, cuddle, play….all available… highly recommended!”
– Robert K

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